Mukasey: Comey Is ‘Always the Hero of Every Story He Tells’


Former attorney general ripped the former FBI director for his ‘self-serving memos’ filled with ‘cherry-picked’ recollections

Former FBI Director James Comey is “always the hero of every story he tells,” former Attorney General Michael Mukasey said Friday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

The Department of Justice turned over to Congress Thursday redacted versions of memos Comey wrote, detailing seven conversations with President Donald Trump both before and after Trump’s inauguration.

While touting his new book, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership,” Comey has fielded questions from media outlets about his dealings with Trump. They have also asked whether he believes that Trump will face obstruction of justice charges for firing him in May 2017, and for the questions he asked about the FBI’s probe into Russian collusion allegations.

“It was a self-serving memo,” Mukasey said. Normally when government officials write memos recording conversations, they do so “for the proverbial record later on, so that they can whip it out and say, ‘See? This is what I wrote at the time,'” Mukasey said. But in Comey’s case, “His motive was the same at the time as it is now, which is to make himself look good.”


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