MSNBC Analyst: I Don’t Think We Should Be Rooting for a Recession (VIDEO)


MSNBC analyst Richard Stengel said he didn’t think anyone should be “rooting for a recession” Thursday during a discussion of economist fears of a downturn.

The stock market had a modestly good day Thursday after its worst drop of the year on Wednesday, in part due to fears of a looming recession prompted by an “inverted yield curve” showing the yield on 10-year treasury notes dipped below that of a two-year note.

The topic led the first block of MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, known for its vehement anti-Trump stance. Stengel, a former Time editor and Obama administration official, appeared to address liberals who secretly—or in comedian Bill Maher’s case, publicly—hope for a recession to damage the re-election hopes of President Donald Trump. – READ MORE

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