Mike Rowe: Americans Are Dissatisfied With Their Lives Because They Don’t Value Work


In an interview with Tucker Carlson Friday night — which you can find here on the Daily Caller— the former host of “Dirty Jobs” explained that Americans are struggling with their own lack of a sense of purpose, and much of that could be due to the fact that we’re constantly trying to find ways to work less, not more.

“Look, the best-selling books right now in the self-help section and in general claim to have the solution for how you can work less,” Rowe told the host. “Most of the commercials on TV ask a tacit question, you know, how could you be happier? And the answer, of course, is retire a little sooner or work 35 instead of 40 hours.”

The media, Rowe says, tries to encourage Americans to find ways to avoid a hard day’s work: take an easier job, spend more time in nature, find more creative outlets or “follow your bliss.” But, Rowe claims, that ends up leaving people without a sense of purpose.

“What you said is the business of working has an underlying inherent value to it,” Rowe said. “I do believe deeply that’s 100 percent true.” – READ MORE

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