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Michael’s Moore’s Broadway Show Tanking


Leftist Michael Moore may have set the “terms of his surrender” with his Broadway debut, but if the box office reports for his one-man show The Terms of My Surrender provide any indication, reality has dictated those terms for him.

Michael Moore has been desperately searching for a hit ever since his anti-Bush propaganda piece Farenheit 9/11 rocked the box office in 2004, a phenomenon he has never been able to replicate. His last film Where to Invade Next tanked at the box office and his follow-up Trumpland was such a haphazard apotheosis in mediocrity that it failed to break even $150k (most people didn’t even know they premiered).

Now he hopes to ride the anti-Trump train to success, and though his sequel to the aforementioned hit – Fahrenheit 11/9 – may bolster him to the top slot again, the future looks dismal for him at the moment, given the poor turnout for his anti-Trump Broadway show. – READ MORE

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