Media: Trump Met With Russians After Mueller Report. He Was Actually Meeting A Hockey Team.


You’d think the media would restrain itself a little after the embarrassing collapse of the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

But you’d be wrong.

Desperate for the outrage clicks to keep the Russia conspiracy narrative alive, several outlets — including The New York Times — framed President Donald Trump’s routine hosting of the Stanley Cup winners as the president meeting with Russians just after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation ended.

No, seriously.

“Washington’s Most Popular Russian (and His Teammates) Honored at White House,” read the Times’ headline on Monday. The article began with the following lede:

A day after President Trump reveled in the apparent fizzling of a two-year effort to prosecute him for possible illicit coordination with Russia during the 2016 campaign, Washington’s most prominent Moscow native arrived at the White House on Monday to celebrate.” – READ MORE

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