We Can Never Trust the Media, FBI, or Intelligence Community Again


How can any free-thinking person ever again trust the media, the FBI, or the intelligence community after the debunking of this two-year Russia Collusion Hoax?

This thing was not only a total hoax, a total lie, and total fabrication based on absolutely nothing, and not only a total hoax, a total lie, and total fabrication based on lies, it was also something that everyone knew was a total hoax, a total lie, and total fabrication.

Hoping Dirty Cop Robert Mueller would find something-anything, or that President Trump’s approval rating would dive to where he’d be easy to impeach, the media lied-lied-lied; the Dirty Cops in the FBI leaked-leaked-leaked, and the elders and veterans of the intelligence community infested our TVs screaming about treason and indictments as they swore up and down the Trump campaign had never been spied on or wiretapped — when they knew damn well it had.

That was an actual conspiracy, an actual act of collusion to overturn a legal and constitutional presidential election — which means it was a conspiracy to screw the American people. Even if you didn’t vote for Trump, even if you hate Trump, it was still a crime against your God-given right to choose your own leaders.

And this attempted coup against We the People is only the latest outrageous hoax committed by these three corrupt institutions. – READ MORE

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