MAYOR CHEAT Buttigieg campaign roasted for adding applause sound track to CNN town hall clips


The Buttigieg campaign was called out on Friday over clips it shared from a CNN town hall for having fake applause added to the candidate’s remarks.

In one of the clips, shared by Team Pete HQ from a town hall last year, former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg pointed to statistical indicators that the current generation will be the first to not be as financially well off as the previous generation.

“To me, that is not just a concern for our generation, it’s a concern that calls on us to build an alliance among generations to try to make sure that the future really is better than the past,” Buttigieg told an attendee, sparking audible applause with a graphic plugging Thursday night’s televised event.

However, the Center for Popular Democracy Action, a group supporting fellow Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., resurfaced the original clip which did not feature any applause. Buttigieg further elaborated with his response, which later did receive some applause. READ MORE:

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