Loesch Shuts Down False Reports, Reveals Truth Behind ‘Weapons Ban’ for Pence Speech


A tempest erupted in the Twittersphere Monday after mainstream media reports claimed the National Rifle Association was banning guns during at least one major speech at its upcoming convention.

NRA-TV’s Dana Loesch set the record straight.

“NRA banned nothing. The media does this every year. It’s Secret Service SOP and they supersede all (state) and local control. Don’t complain about your eroding credibility and people calling you ‘fake news’ when you publish things like this,” she tweeted.

The media swarm began when multiple media outlets, including the Dallas Morning News, reported that the NRA was not allowing firearms during the planed May 4 speech by Vice President Mike Pence. The newspaper also noted that President Donald Trump is expected to be at the convention and that guns would not going to be allowed during his speech, either. The NRA has not confirmed Trump’s attendance. READ MORE

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