Left Eats Left: Netflix Slammed for Canceling Michelle Wolf


Her show, “The Break with Michelle Wolf,” was recently canceled by Netflix after 10 weeks because, as sources told Deadline, Wolf did not gather “enough viewership to secure a renewal.”

Leftists were apoplectic.

Hollywood liberal and writer for the Hollywood Reporter Daniel Fienberg blasted Netflix’s decision.

“Bad move here Netflix,” he wrote. “Michelle Wolf’s show was extremely promising. It wasn’t flawless, but its voice was growing and evolving and it made me laugh hard each episode. This hardly seems like enough time to give a show to find itself and find an audience.”

A tweeter going by the monicker “Comfortably Smug” said sexist reasons rather than ratings were behind Netflix’s decision:

The leftists at the Daily Beast saw politics as the reason for the show’s cancellation.

“Wolf is an expert at outraging conservatives — perhaps something Netflix was less-than-thrilled about.” – READ MORE


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