L.A. Times Columnist: MAGA Hats Are Like Wearing Blackface


Los Angeles Times Left-wing Columnist Robin Abcarian Has Written That Wearing President Donald Trump’s Famous “make America Great Again” (Maga) Campaign Hats Should Be The Moral Equivalent Of Wearing Racist Blackface.

Abcarian links two recent news stories — one, the unjust slander of Covington Catholic High School boys for wearing MAGA hats at last month’s March for Life rally in Washington, DC; the other, the revelation that Gov. Ralph Northam (D) of Virginia had appeared in blackface as a medical student. She says that both MAGA hats and blackface are “potent racist symbols” and emblems of “white supremacy.”

Though Abcarian admits that the MAGA hat is “not necessarily an overt expression of racism,” she claims that it is nonetheless “a pretty good indication that you share, admire or appreciate President Trump’s racist views about Mexicans, Muslims and border walls.” – READ MORE

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