Kim Jong Un ordered North Korean hit squad to hunt high-ranking defector with nuke secrets, reports say


A squad of North Korean assassins are reportedly hunting a high-ranking defector believed to have fled to the United Kingdom in February with a stack of cash — and perhaps a trove of nuclear secrets.

The man, identified only as Mr. Kang, was a colonel and senior counter-espionage official said to be in his 50s, and reportedly defected during a visit to China. The colonel’s responsibilities in the Hermit Kingdom included an order to “monitor dissident and espionage efforts in Russia, China and southeast Asia,” The Telegraph reported. Kang is also considered an elite North Korean citizen. He is a direct descendant of Kang Pan-sok, the mastermind behind the guerrilla campaign against Japanese inhabitants in the 1930s.

Kang vanished form the Zhongpu International Hospital in Shenyang on Feb. 25, sources told Seoul media outlet DailyNK. The hotel is operated by the North Korean and Chinese governments, and reportedly serves as a place for North Korean hackers working in China. Kang was reportedly responsible for getting information for the rogue regime’s nuclear program through meetings with scientists. He was also in charge of “directing intelligence-gathering and ground operations.”

All of that information would be of great value to western allies and, particularly, American officials who are soon set to meet with leader Kim Jong Un in an attempt to negotiate an end to the nuclear weapons crisis.

And Kang took more than secrets with him when he left. He is believed to have fled with a machine that prints American currency and a stack of foreign money. Due to his knowledge of North Korea’s nuke program and intelligence gathering apparatus, Kim Jong Un has reportedly ordered a hit squad to kill Kang before he’s officially granted asylum and reveals his secrets. – READ MORE

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