Karl Rove Thinks Bernie Sanders Could Defeat Trump In 2020


Speaking with “Fox & Friends” on Friday, the man who helped propel President George W. Bush to the White House said Sen. Sanders’ appearance on a Fox News town hall this week convinced him that the 77-year-old could defeat Trump in the general election, reports Fox News.

Rove said that Sanders made the right call by going on Fox News, flouting DNC chair Tom Perez’s decision to blackball Fox News from hosting Democratic presidential primary debates.

“He says, ‘I paid all the taxes I owe,’ and he quickly pivots and says, ‘I released 10 years of tax returns, President Trump ought to do the same,'” Rove said on Fox News. “Martha says, ‘You know, here’s Mayor Pete, he says there should be a new generation of leadership. You will be 79 if you’re sworn in as president.’ He makes a joke. He says, ‘It’s a fair question.’ He says, ‘It’s not whether you’re young or old, it’s what you believe.'”

“Every time he brought it back to his message,” Rove continued. “That demonstrated to me that he has learned from having run before. He really did a good job of softening the edges of socialism. Whenever the issue came up, he made it feel warm and fuzzy, kumbaya, shake hands, run around the campfire.”

The GOP strategist said that Sanders could have a winning ticket if he simply pushes his own message and does not spend his whole campaign bashing President Trump. Rove even said that Trump’s campaign already sees Bernie as a formidable opponent. – READ MORE

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