Jill Biden Disappears From Planned Effort To Reunite Child Migrants Separated From Their Families


First Lady Dr. Jill Biden pledged, after her husband was sworn into office, to lead a task force to reunite child migrants separated from their families at the United States-Mexico border under Trump-era immigration, with relatives in the United States, but activists who planned to work with the First Lady’s office say she’s “backed away” and “disappeared” from the effort.

In January, just a week after President Joe Biden took the oath of office, Forbes reported that Jill Biden “will be taking part in seeing that the remaining children” separated under President Donald Trump’s immigration policies “find their families.”

“Under the Trump administration’s ‘zero-tolerance’ policy, more than 5,400 children were separated from their families after entering the U.S. without documentation,” the outlet noted. “Since then, the policy has been overturned, and lawyers have stepped in to aid in the reunification efforts. Still, though, without a consistent paper trail, those involved have been unsuccessful in reaching the remaining children’s families.”

“Now,” Forbes continued, “First Lady Dr. Jill Biden will be taking a special interest in the task at hand. As stated by the report, three sources close to the reunification planning efforts have confirmed that the First Lady, alongside her East Wing staff, will have an ‘active role’ in the process.” –  READ MORE

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