Jersey City Terrorists Had Massive Bomb That Could’ve Killed People 500 Yards Away, Feds Reveal


The two terrorists who were behind an anti-Semitic shooting last month in Jersey City reportedly had constructed a massive bomb that had the ability to kill people up to 500 yards away, according to federal law enforcement officials.

“New Jersey shooters David Anderson and Francine Graham had an improvised explosive device inside their U-Haul van that had the reach of five football fields, a weapon that could have been part of larger wave of attacks targeting the Jewish community and law enforcement,” CNN reported. “There were also enough materials in the van to make another explosive device.”

FBI Newark Special Agent in Charge Gregory Ehrie said, “If it exploded in the right place it could have certainly injured or killed people up to five football fields away.”

“This was nothing but a senseless, evil, cowardly act of anti-Semitism and hatred towards not just the Jewish community but law enforcement,” said U.S. Attorney for New Jersey Craig Carpenito. “Anderson and Graham both targeted Jewish victims and law enforcement and we know now that they planned greater acts of mayhem on both communities.” – READ MORE

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