Wisconsin election commissioners refused to remove 209,000 people from voter rolls. Now a judge has found them in contempt of court.


A Wisconsin judge found the state’s election commission and three of its members in contempt of court Monday for refusing to comply with his court order to remove more than 200,000 individuals from voter rolls.

Judge Paul Malloy fined the commission $50 a day until it begins removing people from the rolls and is fining the three Democratic members who fought his previous order — Ann Jacobs, Julie Glancey and Mark Thomsen — $250 a day, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported.

“I can’t be any clearer than this,” Malloy said. “They need to follow my order.”

In December, Malloy ordered the immediate removal of individuals from voter rolls who were flagged as having potentially moved and who subsequently failed to respond within 30 days to a deactivation notice sent by the elections commission.

In October, the deactivation notice had been sent to 234,000 residents. By the end of the year, 209,000 voters had yet to respond asking for their voter status be continued.

But the election commission — made up of three Democrats and three Republicans — has been deadlocked and has failed to comply with the court order. – READ MORE

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