‘I’ve Got More Indian Blood’ Than ‘Pocahontas’: Trump Rips Dems’ 2020 Hopefuls, ‘Da Nang Dick’ Blumenthal


Donald Trump returned to labeling his ideological opponents with various nicknames Saturday during a rally with Kansas gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach in Topeka.

Trump again referred to Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas,” a reference to the fact she has claimed to be of partial Cherokee ancestry.

“I’ve got more Indian blood in me than Pocahontas, and I have none,” Trump said.

“Hey, I have high cheekbones too, maybe I’m Indian,” he added.

Trump repeatedly called Blumenthal “Da Nang Dick” — in reference to the Vietnam port city — adding that the senator misrepresented his military service during the Vietnam War.

“He’s a fraud, he was never in Vietnam,” Trump said, adding that the fact Connecticut elected Blumenthal shows that the Constitution State is “such a mess right now.”- READ MORE

Last week, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) announced she will “take a hard look” at running for president in 2020. While progressive feminists certainly welcome such a prospect, a Native American activist has denounced the female senator’s proposed run due to her past claims of Native American ancestry, which may have earned her a job at Harvard.

Writing for HuffPo, of all places, Rebecca Nagle, who describes herself as a “Cherokee Nation citizen and a proud Two Spirit woman,” essentially calls Warren a habitual liar regarding her false ancestry and demands she recant.

“As a registered Democrat, I agree with a wide range of Warren’s policies,” writes Nagle. “But as a Cherokee woman, I cannot support her until she rescinds her false claims of Cherokee and Delaware heritage.”

Nagle accepts no excuses or apologetics for Warren’s claims, which have since shifted from being a proud Native American to being a woman “with Native heritage.” Though the senator has changed some of her story, she “has never stopped claiming her family is Cherokee and Delaware, despite having an enormous amount of evidence that says otherwise. – READ MORE

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