It’s Begun: Media Start Predicting a Biden ‘Landslide’ — Just Like Four Years Ago


It’s amazing. And the media are oblivious to the fact that they are repeating history, almost word for word.

That’s not to say the election won’t have a different outcome. We’re a different nation than we were four years ago. “Time brings all things to pass,” Aeschylus said, and the past four years have put America through the wringer. We’ve seen so much, been outraged so often by the actions of the radical left that there are few surprises anymore. We’ve developed a bad case of “outrage fatigue” and no matter who wins the presidency, the only certainty is continued upheaval.

That said, the left and media are, if nothing else, predictable. It was about this time four years ago when the first suggestions of a Hillary Clinton “landslide” crept into the national conversation on the election. So it’s not surprising that history should repeat itself.

“Biden Landslide Creeps Into View” is the headline du jour in The Hill and despite the usual caveats, it’s started the media drumbeat for Trump’s doom.

No challenger to an incumbent president since Bill Clinton almost 30 years ago has been in such a strong position as Biden with such a short period of time until Election Day.

Still, even Democrats are reluctant to talk out loud about a Biden landslide for fear of jinxing a monumental election or encouraging complacency. Many pundits are also hedging their bets, mindful of the 2016 experience.

It’s not hard to “encourage complacency” when people are more enthusiastic about what they had for breakfast than they are about seeing Joe Biden as president. – READ MORE

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