‘It Hurts’: Great-Grandson Angered Aunt Jemima’s Legacy Will Be Erased


Earlier this week, Quaker Oats announced that they will be rebranding and removing the name and imagery of their Aunt Jemima brand goods as to apparently not perpetuate “racial stereotypes.”

“We recognize Aunt Jemima’s origins are based on a racial stereotype,” said a statement from Kristin Kroepfl, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Quaker Foods North America. “While work has been done over the years to update the brand in a manner intended to be appropriate and respectful, we realize those changes are not enough.”


Though the move was apparently made by Quaker Oats to be racially sensitive, Larnell Evans Sr., a great-grandson of “Aunt Jemima,” is not pleased at all with the erasure of his great-grandmother’s legacy.

“This is an injustice for me and my family,” Evans, 66, told Patch reporter Mark Konkol. “This is part of my history, sir. The racism they talk about, using images from slavery, that comes from the other side — white people. This company profits off images of our slavery. And their answer is to erase my great-grandmother’s history. A black female. … It hurts.” – READ MORE

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