Iran-Friendly NBC Skeptical Their Buddies Behind ‘So-Called Sabotage Attack’


It seems that in the eyes of NBC News, the evil Iranian regime can do no wrong even as all the evidence points to their involvement in the sabotage (via explosives) of four oil tankers in the Persian Gulf. Despite U.S. warnings over a week ago about such attacks from Iran or its proxies, Monday’s NBC Nightly News projected skepticism with anchor Lester Holt calling the explosions “a mysterious so-called sabotage attack.”

The network previously concocted a conspiracy theory that suggested the U.S. was trying to “provoke” an all-out with Iran on behalf of Israel with their preemptive warnings and fleet movements. But now, “the damage to a Norwegian oil tanker” was “one of a series of ships struck in mysterious attacks,” according to NBC chief foreign affairs correspondent and sympathizer Andrea Mitchell.

As if to cast doubt on the finding of U.S. intelligence, Mitchell noted that “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo today detouring to a European summit to share intelligence on Iran with skeptical allies.” To back that up, she played a soundbite of British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt saying they were “very worried about the risk of a conflict happening by accident with an escalation that is unintended really on either side.”

Mitchell again used European skittishness (and Iranian denials) to suggest the U.S. was jumping to conclusions about who was behind the attacks – READ MORE

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