Investigation Finds ‘Clear’ Link Between AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine and Blood Clots in Brain


A link between AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine and rare blood clots in the brain has been discovered, but officials have yet to identify a possible cause, according to a senior European Medicines Agency official.

“In my opinion, we can now say it, it is clear that there is an association (of the brain blood clots) with the vaccine,” Mario Cavaleri, chair of the EMA vaccine evaluation team, said, according to Reuters.

“However, we still do not know what causes this reaction.”

The EMA clarified in a statement that the vaccine review was ongoing and the agency expects to announce its findings this week.

“At present the review has not identified any specific risk factors, such as age, gender or a previous medical history of clotting disorders, for these very rare events,” the statement read.

“A causal link with the vaccine is not proven, but is possible and further analysis is continuing.”

The investigation is looking into 44 reports of a rare blood clot in the brain known as cerebral venous sinus thrombosis; 9.2 million people in the European Economic Area have received the vaccine, Reuters reported. – READ MORE

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