Inept FBI Crowd Sources DC Shooter Investigation; $10 Billion Annual Budget Not Enough to Launch Own Probe of Congressional Shooter


Andrew McCabe’s inept FBI has struck an all new low: Crowd-sourcing the investigation of the alleged gunman who opened fire and wounded members of Congress early Wednesday at a park in Alexandria, VA.

Late Wednesday, The FBI released a poster of the gunman asking the public for tips to assist its investigation on James T. Hodgkinson. No, this is not a joke. Here is the link.

Here’s a tip: The guy is dead. He should be real easy to find. Even for today’s FBI.

Here’s another tip: Do your job. Hit the bricks and do what you are paid to do: Investigate.

The poster and it’s request for public tips on a deceased suspect are completely absurd.

The public already pays the bloated FBI $10 billion a year to conduct investigations.

Get off your asses and earn your pay.

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