Evening Briefing: 10 things you need to know this Wednesday Evening – June 14th 2017


Good evening.

Here’s what you need to know this Wednesday PM.


1. Congressman Still In Critical Condition After Being Gunned Down At Baseball Practice

Rep. Steve Scalise remains in critical condition after he was gunned down at a congressional baseball practice Wednesday morning. Scalise, the majority whip of the House of Representatives, underwent surgery at MedStar Washington Hospital Center after he was among the reported five people who were shot by 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson in Alexandria, Va.

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2. Newly-Released Footage Shows The Moment A Gunman Opened Fire On GOP Baseball Team (VIDEO)

A newly-released video shows the chaos surrounding a gunman opening fire on a GOP congressional baseball team practice Wednesday morning.

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3. Rand Paul: Everyone Would Have Died If Scalise’s Security Wasn’t There

Republican Sen. Rand Paul said “everyone would have died” when someone opened fire at a GOP congressmen baseball practice Wednesday, had it not been for one of the member’s security detail.

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4. Liberal WaPo Analysis Writer, Budding Author Deletes Heinous Tweet About Scalise Shooting

Malcolm Harris, who tweets at the ominous addy @BigMeanInternet and wrote a recent analysis piece for The Washington Post, deleted what may be the most heinous reaction to the morning shootings at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Va.

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5. Bernie Sanders Says GOP Baseball Practice Shooter Was Campaign Volunteer

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders responded to the news that the Illinois man who shot GOP lawmakers during baseball practice in Alexandria, Va. on Wednesday was one of his supporters and had volunteered for his presidential campaign.

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6. Shooting At GOP Baseball Practice Latest In Pattern Of Violence Against Republicans

The shooting at congressional Republicans’ baseball practice is just the latest in an escalating pattern of violence and intimidation against Republicans.

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7. Steve Scalise Was Still Bleeding, And Liberals Were Calling For Gun Control

It didn’t take long for liberal pundits to reignite the gun control debate after a gunman opened fire on Republican lawmakers and staff at baseball practice Wednesday morning, wounding Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise and four others.

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8. WATCH: Trump Calls For Unity After Gunman Opens Fire At Congressional Baseball Practice

Donald Trump made a call for unity and praised the two Capitol Police officers who were on the scene after a gunman opened fire on a congressional baseball practice Wednesday morning. In a statement delivered from the White House, the president confirmed that the gunman had died from his injuries.

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9. Trump’s Travel Ban Idea Spreads As Mayor Of Rome Calls For Immigration Restrictions

In the wake of President Donald Trump’s March travel ban, Rome’s mayor asked Tuesday that the Italian Ministry of the Interior place a suspension on migrant arrivals to the capital.

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10. ICE Head: All Illegals Should Be Worried, Looking Over Their Shoulders

The acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement chief Thomas D. Homan warned all illegals Tuesday they should be worried and looking over their shoulders, not just illegals with criminal backgrounds.

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BONUS – VIDEO: Terry McAuliffe Claims Gun Violence Kills 93 MILLION Americans A Day

Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe vastly overstated the number of Americans killed by firearms on a daily basis by several million in his call for gun control shortly after Wednesday’s shooting at a congressional Republican event.

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