Washington Post Editors Skeptical of Own Paper’s Story on Mueller Obstruction Investigation of Trump; Say It Was “Rushed and Hushed”


Editorial hierarchy at The Washington Post have doubts about a story from their own newspaper published late Wednesday alleging Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.


The story never appeared on the morning and afternoon menu at news meetings held daily by the paper’s editors to decide on upcoming political stories for Thursday’s newshole. Instead, the heavily anonymous-sourced story simply appeared late Wednesday night already published, bypassing the once-mandated editorial process established to flush out poorly-sourced stories or stories with weak reader appeal.

“Came from the top, from Martin (Baron),” a former colleague at the Washington Post told True Pundit. “Wasn’t on the daily budget. Would have been major lead for front page Thursday but it was rushed and hushed.”

Another Post source and former colleague offered similar sentiment: “My recommendation would have been to push to Sunday but I wasn’t asked. Story like that would normally go out front (page one) Sunday and could set national agenda for the week.”

Editors said the story was likely written after the afternoon news meeting and kept quiet and was obviously “rushed out the door” in a small window of one to two hours, likely bypassing a review by the newspaper’s lawyers which could take a day in itself.

Baron is the editor of the embattled Washington Post and has proven a penchant for publishing anti-Trump news that is almost always proven fake either days, weeks or months after if sees ink in the Post.

The latest “scoop” appears not to be an exception.

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