In socialist Venezuela, 1 in 3 are going dangerously hungry. But Bernie won’t denounce the regime.


Roughly one-third of Venezuela’s population is unable to reach minimum nutrition requirements, a recent study by the United Nations World Food Program has found.

Researchers concluded that the nationwide concern is due to economic crisis and political upheaval in the country, which has led to “hyperinflation renders many salaries worthless,” according to the Associated Press.

A total of 9.3 million people are moderately or severely food insecure, according to the study, which found that a startling number of Venezuelans are surviving off a diet of mostly potatoes and beans. The World Food Program defines food insecurity as an individual being unable to meet basic dietary needs.

The problem is evidently not one of food availability, but of food affordability, with 7 in 10 reporting that while food could always be found, it is difficult to purchase due to high prices. And 37% also reported that they had lost their job as a result of the economic crisis in the country. – READ MORE

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