Here’s what happened when Portland tried a big gov’t solution for homelessness (VIDEO)


In October 2015, the city of Portland, Oregon, decided to simply provide shelter to every single homeless family that asked for it. The plan backfired.

In 2015, Portland officials provided a $2 million budget for the family shelter service system.

Initially, there was some success with the program – in 2017 the number of homeless persons in Portland decreased.

But by the end of 2017, the program was in a crisis. There weren’t enough shelter providers to handle the influx of homeless from outside the city and the county.- READ MORE

San Francisco may be suffering from an overwhelming “poop problem” but at least a few enterprising residents are making cash off the city’s forgiving policies on public elimination.

According to a recent report in the San Francisco Chronicle, the city has hired a team of five people (and one supervisor) whose only job is to patrol San Fran’s streets and sidewalks looking for — and cleaning up — human waste. But applications for the “crap job” weren’t exactly pouring in, so the city made being a member of its “poop patrol” worth workers’ whiles, offering up to $185,000 in salary and benefits to every member of its human waste task force.

The Chronicle reports that city has already instituted “the new $830,977-a-year Poop Patrol to actively hunt down and clean up human waste,” and then adds, casually, in parentheses, the real cost of the job. “By the way, the poop patrolers earn $71,760 a year, which swells to $184,678 with mandated benefits.”

Of course, you still have to clean up human waste for a living (and live in San Francisco, where a $100,000 salary barely covers the cost of living). – READ MORE


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