Hall of Fame pitcher Goose Gossage no fan of today’s MLB: ‘It’s like the Democrats are running baseball’


Hall of Fame closer Goose Gossage said in an interview published Friday that the game of baseball has changed so much since he retired that he doesn’t watch it anymore — then he took a hit at Democrats.

Gossage, 68, spoke to the Tampa Bay Times, criticizing how baseball is controlled by computers and sabermetrics. He lauded the early 2010s, when the San Francisco Giants were winning World Series titles, and dismissed calculations like launch angles.

“This launch angle — I don’t need a launch angle to tell me George Brett’s ball is going to hit in the upper deck,” Gossage told the newspaper. “They’re all really smart, but they have no respect for knowledge of the game. None.

“I don’t even recognize this game that they’re playing. I really don’t. You get paid all this money for doing less, doing half.

“These workouts are all eyewash. It’s a bunch of bulls—t. It’s like the Democrats are running baseball. They’re trying to control something that is uncontrollable. And they’re taking all the beauty out of the game.” – READ MORE

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