Gunmen Brutally Murder And Mutilate Christian Minister In Eastern India


On Tuesday, Pastor Abraham Topno was kidnapped by a group of unidentified gunmen in Eastern India near the Ranchi District, Jharkhand state. He was later found murdered, his body mutilated, and his head completely severed from his body.

The pastor was riding in a public carrier back to his home in the village of Kubasal when he and his driver were attacked by a group of unknown assailants who pulled the minister from the vehicle and began to beat him, UCA News reports. After accusing him of being a police informant, they shot and beheaded Topno.

Aman Christochit Herenz, the nephew of the pastor, spoke to Morning Star News about the brutal killing. Citing the information given to him, he explained that Pastor Topno and the driver’s face were covered. The kidnappers identified themselves as a group of radical Maoists and began shouting, “Death to police spy!” They allowed the driver to flee. He then reported the crime to his family  – READ MORE

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