Green Bay Packers Award Grant to Planned Parenthood to Help ‘Latino Families’


The Green Bay Packers Foundation is drawing criticism after awarding a grant to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin.

Pro-Life Wisconsin drew attention to the Packers’ grant to the abortion business, which, the team’s foundation says, will help “Latino families.”

“If the Green Bay Packers Foundation truly wanted to promote families and ensure the safety of children, they would not be financially investing in an organization that violently destroys children’s lives each and every day,” said Pro-Life Wisconsin in a Facebook post Sunday.

The pro-life group created a petition that notes: The Green Bay Packers Foundation was founded in 1986 by Judge Robert J. Parins with a mission to ‘support charities possessing one or more of the following goals: perpetuates a community environment that promotes families and the competitive value of athletics; contributes to player and fan welfare; ensures the safety and education of children; and/or prevents cruelty to animals.’

The grant awarded to Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin Inc, Milwaukee, directly contradicts this mission. – READ MORE

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