Golden State Killer suspect was tracked down through DNA website GEDmatch without a warrant


Investigators this week used a free genealogy website to help find the suspected Golden State Killer — a celebrated development that nevertheless sparked questions about privacy concerns for those who use popular DNA-testing websites.

Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was arrested after authorities matched DNA retrieved years ago from a crime scene linked to the so-called Golden State Killer and compared it to DNA samples from a family history website, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office said.

Investigators then obtained a direct DNA sample from the suspect after obtaining material he had discarded, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones said.

Authorities’ biggest tools was GEDMatch, a Florida-based website that pools DNA profiles that people upload and share publicly, Paul Holes, one of the team’s top officials, told the Mercury News on Friday.

Holes said he didn’t need a search warrant to access the site’s database.

“GEDmatch exists to provide DNA and genealogy tools for comparison and research purposes,” the company says on its policy page. “It is supported entirely by users, volunteers, and researchers. DNA and Genealogical research, by its very nature, requires the sharing of information. Because of that, users participating in this site should expect that their information will be shared with other users.” – READ MORE

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