GA Gov. Candidate Issues Perfect Response to Lie That He Pointed Gun at Teen Boy (VIDEO)


Current Secretary of State Brian Kemp released an ad titled “Jake,” which features him interviewing a nervous potential suitor for one of his daughters to see if he is acceptable dating material. As Kemp and the teenage boy talk, the candidate is cleaning a double-barrel shotgun while numerous other handguns and rifles can be seen in the surrounding background.

At Kemp’s stern prodding, Jake recites the planks of the candidate’s platform — which includes a “healthy appreciation of the Second Amendment, sir” — and at the end of the video Kemp brings the barrel of the shotgun up to close the breech and says, “We’ll get along just fine,” which some firearm-ignorant people have misconstrued as loading and pointing the gun threateningly at the young man seated beside him.

However, it’s quite obvious that the shotgun was not pointed directly at the teenager, but was instead safely aimed in front of him.

Nevertheless, The Washington Post documented the various outraged outcries against Kemp’s ad, such as the candidate was unnecessarily intimidating the young man, unsafely handling his firearms and violating the fundamental rules of gun safety — treat every gun as if it is loaded and never point it at anyone you don’t intend to shoot — or calling the ad misogynistic and claiming it trivialized domestic violence.  – READ MORE

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