Felon Freed from Jail Over Coronavirus Accused of Murdering Young Woman


A convicted felon who was freed from a Colorado prison over concerns of the Chinese coronavirus spreading has been arrested less than a month later for allegedly murdering a 21-year-old woman.

Cornelius Haney has been charged for the first-degree murder of Heather Perry, whose body was found in a Denver, Colorado alleyway, according to CBS Denver.

Haney allegedly murdered Perry less than a month after he was released from prison thanks to Gov. Jared Polis’s (D) executive order freeing some inmates from jails and prisons over fears of the coronavirus spreading in state and local detention facilities.

Haney had been serving a seven-year prison sentence after pleading guilty in 2016 to an armed robbery in Arapahoe County, Colorado. Haney was not eligible for mandatory release until August, but Polis’s order giving the state’s corrections board authority to reduce sentences over the coronavirus allowed the felon to secure early release on April 15.

In a statement to CBS Denver, the Colorado Department of Corrections said Haney met “special needs parole criteria” and thus his release was approved by the parole board. – READ MORE

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