WATCH: Reporter Asks Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany To Explain ‘Obamagate.’ She Gives A First-Class Education.


On Friday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany laid out basic parts of the so-called “Obamagate” scandal that has gained traction in recent days on the alleged actions of Obama administration officials against members of the Trump campaign and against people who were then-incoming members of his administration.

McEnany made the remarks during a press briefing when asked by a reporter if she could elaborate on the scandal, and on what crimes she believes were committed.

“Look, there were a number of questions raised by the actions of the Obama Administration. The Steele dossier funded by the Democratic National Committee,” McEnany said. “An opposition political party to the President was used to attain FISA warrants to listen in on conversations of people within the Trump campaign. There was the unmasking the identity of Michael Flynn. And we know that in a January 5th meeting in the oval office with President Obama, Sally Yates from the Department of Justice learned about the unmasking. Not from the Department of Justice or from the FBI, she learned about it from President Obama and was stunned and can barely process what she was hearing at the time, because she was stunned of his knowledge of that.” – READ MORE

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