FBI’s Comey Covered Up China Hack of Hillary’s Emails, Concealing Intel from Congress Months Before Election; Then FBI Destroyed the Evidence


FBI brass learned in June 2016 that untold thousands of Hillary Clinton’s private emails had been hacked by Chinese assets yet then-Director James Comey made no disclosures about the national security breach to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte who asked if China had breached Clinton, well-placed FBI sources said.

And Comey made no mention of the hack during his public comments when he cleared Hillary Clinton either,

What Comey — and top brass at FBI — did do was conceal that information for five months leading up to the Nov. 2016 presidential election. The FBI likewise did not investigate the national security breach either or refer the case to the NSA or CIA, FBI sources said.

Incredibly instead, Comey struck immunity deals with Clinton’s aides to destroy their laptops following the FBI’s probe. One of the laptops yielded intelligence of a breach and possible other attacks of Hillary’s emails and private server over an extended time period, FBI sources said, by state-backed Chinese hackers.

In return for the aides’ cooperation, Comey and the DOJ agreed not to prosecute Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson based on any incriminating evidence contained on the laptops. They also agreed to destroy the evidence once the FBI had examined the computers. Comey could have simply subpoenaed the laptops or seized them with a search warrant, yet he did neither. Nor did the FBI ask for other electronic devices of Mills and Samuelson, sources said, like cell phones, tablets and office and homes computers.

Comey’s immunity deals to destroy the laptops — instead of preserving the evidence for future criminal cases that could likely arise — protected Hillary Clinton and aides from potential future criminal charges stemming from forensic review of the computers or any contents on the laptops. Like obstruction of justice or evidence tampering. Comey and the Justice Department struck the immunity deal on or about June 10, 2016 — three weeks before Comey cleared Hillary Clinton of any criminal wrongdoing.

And when House Judiciary Committee Chairman Goodlatte came calling shortly before the election seeking preservation of the aides’ computers and asking questions on whether the Hillary-linked laptops had been breached by the Chinese, the laptops had already been destroyed, FBI sources said.

There was no evidence left to examine. Poof. Gone.

But the FBI already knew the answer was yes, Clinton’s communications were breached by the Chinese. But Comey never revealed that to Goodlatte or anyone else outside the Bureau.

Samuelson used two laptops made by Lenovo, a company tied to the Chinese government. Lenovo sold laptops for years with malware pre-installed on the computer as a backdoor for state-backed Chinese hackers. According to FBI sources, one of those laptops was indeed compromised. Again, the evidence was destroyed by the FBI, per the immunity agreement.

Neither Comey nor Clinton wanted that breach publicized.

In fact, State Department personnel had been banned from even using Lenovo since 2006. A year before the FBI took possession of the laptops from Hillary’s aides — who are also attorneys — Lenovo admitted to installing a program called “Superfish” on over 40 different computer models, including the models employed by Samuelson for sorting through Hillary’s classified and Special Access Program (SAP) (top secret) emails.

Lenovo started installing Superfish in 2010 on its computers, according to the Department of Homeland Security. The program is placed ads on computers, but was easily used by hackers to attack the computer remotely. “Websites, such as banking and email, can be spoofed without a warning from the browser,” the DHS warned in February 2015.

Goodlatte learned in Oct. 2016 just weeks before the presidential election that Samuelson employed Lenovo laptops as part of her State Department-related work with Clinton. He fired off a letter to Comey, specifically inquiring whether the computers had been compromised by the Chinese.

Goodlatte hedged that there was a strong possibility “Secretary Clinton’s emails were obtained by the Chinese government, the State Department, FBI or any other agency had redacted Top Secret and Special Access Program (SAP) information.”

Again, the FBI at the time of Goodlatte’s letter (included in full below), had already confirmed the hack.

But nobody in the FBI told Goodlatte or anyone else in Congress.

That of course includes Comey who has since been fired and now Tweets about the honesty and integrity of the FBI, especially during his tenure.

Did then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch know too?

What will Goodlatte and other members of Congress do about it now, after they have been openly mocked by the FBI? Likely very little.

Another cover-up but this time with the built-in security of immunity deals to destroy evidence of a national security hack by a Communist power who obtained the most sensitive documents of the United States government.

And got away with it because Comey and the top brass at FBI wanted Hillary in the White House.

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