Fake Spy Who Called for Trump’s Assassination Will Challenge Trump In GOP Primary


The author who proclaims to have worked in U.S. intelligence — and writes spy novels — but has never produced proof of his alleged affiliation with any agency, is ready to take on President Trump.


This is the same blabbermouth who called for Trump’s assassination on Glenn Beck’s radio show during the 2016 election. Beck was suspended.

Sounds like Spy-novel Fabio is still living in one of his fantasy novels.

Best-selling author Brad Thor will challenge President Donald Trump in the 2020 Republican primary, Thor confirmed to The Daily Caller News Foundation on Saturday.

Another never-Trump dork in search of retribution.

The conservative author’s biggest problem with the Trump presidency is the man himself. “He’s mentally unfit,” Thor told TheDCNF.

Thor teased out his announcement on Twitter Saturday evening, pledging to run if no other conservative will challenge Trump. “America deserves better leadership,” Thor said. He added a few minutes later: “In fact, let’s make it official. I’m in.”


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