Facebook Fined for Illegally Re-Routing Traffic Overseas


South Korea is hitting Facebook with a fine for intentionally limiting user internet connections by illegally rerouting user connections to slower networks overseas without telling them in 2016 and 2017.

Facebook should pay $369,400 in fines for violating local laws, Korea Communications Commission, which began investigating the social media giant May 2017, said Wednesday, ABC News reported.

Facebook’s illegal rerouting practices in some cases reportedly slowed internet service for South Korean users by as much as 4.5 times, causing some local internet service providers to receive an average of more than 30 complaints a day.

“Facebook did not actively look into the complaints from local telecoms service providers that users are complaining about slower connections, and as a result, its service quality was not maintained at an appropriate level,” KCC said in a statement.

The statement accused Facebook of intentionally slowing internet connections while the company negotiated network usage fees with the local internet service providers. – READ MORE

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