While on Obama’s Payroll, CIA Brennan’s Private Side Business Hacked Classified Passport Records


John Brennan’s lucrative Intel side business sure stayed busy hacking into the State Department’s classified records of Barack Obama’s presidential opponents during the presidential election.

Brennan’s name keeps popping up when it comes to CIA leaks to the media, but Brennan’s side business Analysis Corp. was busted for breaching John McCain’s passports records as well as Hillary Clinton in 2008.

Brennan, at the time, was also a political consultant  to Obama and contributed $2,300 to his campaign.

Brennan was ultimately appointed CIA director by Obama after he worked alongside the president in the White House as a national security consultant.

Brennan was president and CEO of Analysis Corp., which advised the Illinois Democrat on foreign policy and intelligence issues.

Brennan also briefed the media on behalf of Obama’s campaign at least once in 2008.

At that time Brennan was a former senior CIA official and former interim director of the National Counterterrorism Center.

After an investigation into the passport records breach, the State Department revealed that Obama‘s passport file was improperly accessed three times and the security of passport files of the two other major presidential candidates — Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican John McCain — had also been breached.

Brennan’s company was originally linked to hacking the McCain and Obama passport files. But subsequent intelligence from State Department sources said Brennan’s company was also linked to accessing Hillary’s travel records.

No one was charged criminally for the breaches,as Obama was elected president and Brennan was given a job inside the White House.

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