Facebook Apologizes, Belatedly Restores Event Page for Anti-Caravan Protest


Facebook Apologized Saturday Evening To The Administrators Of An Event Page For A Protest In San Diego Against The Migrant Caravan, And Restored The Page — Hours After The Protest Was Scheduled To Have Begun.

San Diegans for Secure Borders (SDSB) founder Jeff Schwilk told Breitbart News Tonighton the Sirius XM Patriot Channel 125 on Friday evening that Facebook had removed the Saturday morning event, “STOP the Caravan of 1500 Illegal Aliens from Mexico,” and had put him in “Facebook jail” for 30 days, locking him out of his account.

“Our event page had been up for about four weeks and had about 950 people signed up to either attend or ‘interested’ in attending,” Schwilk told Senior Editor at Large Rebecca Mansour.

“There was nothing on it that ‘attacked’ illegal aliens, just the facts about their ongoing scam to claim fake asylum to waltz right into the U.S.  Now it is gone,” he said. ” Zapped for hosting a 100% peaceful and lawful event to oppose the unlawful invasion of our country by up to 1,600 illegal aliens from Central America and Mexico.” – READ MORE

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