Expert Reveals Huffington Post’s Anti-White Policy Is Likely Illegal


In a series of tweets Wednesday night, HuffPost editor Chloe Angyal discussed the racial makeup of the news website’s opinion columnists for the month.

One tweet seems to disclose a kind of quota system at the opinion section, with Angyal discussing her “goals” for the racial and gender composition of contributors.

Merely striving for a more diverse workplace isn’t unlawful.

However, giving preference to one job candidate over another — or simply declining to even consider a candidate — because of his or her race can be a violation of discrimination laws.

Casey Wolnowski, a New York-based employment discrimination attorney at the firm Phillips & Associates, saw potential violations with the HuffPo’s policies.

“Generally speaking (I’m) leery of racial quotas and what impact those might have on being discriminatory. I understand the value of a diverse workforce, but before even assessing the individual merits or individual qualifications … to say we’re automatically determining what the quota system is gonna be, I think that’s potentially problematic,” Wolnowski told The Daily Caller News Foundation. – READ MORE

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