EXCLUSIVE — Epstein Partner Reveals: U.S. State & Justice Dept. Officials Licensed Epstein’s LAUNDERING of BILLIONS for Middle-East Terrorists — Here’s Why


The elusive question of how pedophile Jeffrey Epstein made his illicit millions is finally beginning to take shape per shocking revelations on the Thomas Paine Podcast from Epstein’s longtime mentor and business partner who spilled the beans detailing how Epstein a co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell banked untold millions of dollars. Listen Above.

Steven Hoffenberg reveals how Epstein made his money. The real story on how he made his money. Not the boring media narrative. Laundering billions for terrorists to start. Trafficking weapons and arms to foreign factions/government. And the list goes on an on.

Hoffenberg points the finger at the duo’s unnamed co-conspirator who allowed Epstein to operate for decades with a license to steal, traffic young girls, sell illegal arms, and blackmail the rich and famous — the Feds. They even set up Hoffenberg for a long stretch in federal jail, while Epstein walked away free in a play by the DOJ to keep the jet-setting asset in play.

Listen to the insightful Thomas Paine Podcast Below --

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