Do Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Really Exist? Why Do They Keep Stealing Other People’s Life Stories?


Yes, of course Biden and Harris exist in the sense that they are living, breathing human beings. But Kamala Harris’ recent appropriation of a story that Martin Luther King told to claim she was a civil rights warrior as a toddler was just the latest confirmation that she, like Joe Biden, is at this point less an actual personality than a repository of poses, slogans, and symbols — a walking, talking grab-bag of Leftist positions. In sublimating their actual individual existences and becoming living thumb tacks to post up Leftist talking points, Biden and Harris demonstrate not only their own hollowness and dishonesty, but that of the Left in general.

As Matt Margolis noted Monday, not only did Harris’ story of calling for “Fweedom” as a little girl suspiciously resemble one King told, but she has also previously displayed a “willingness to exaggerate her personal story.” She “exaggerated her personal history with busing when she attacked Joe Biden (all but accusing him of being a racist) for his past opposition to racially integrating school via mandated busing,” and has “recently has been accused of lying about celebrating Kwanzaa when she was growing up when it wasn’t even invented until two years after she was born. There is also photographic evidence that her family celebrated Christmas.”

This resembled Biden’s being caught out during his 1988 presidential campaign for not only plagiarizing Leftist British politician Neil Kinnock, but essentially posing as Kinnock himself, falsely claiming Kinnock’s humble origins in a coal mining family as his own, and presenting as elements of his life story details that were actually true of Kinnock, but not of Biden. – READ MORE

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