DHS Spox: If You Say the Magic Words, ‘I’m Scared,’ We Let You into America


Homeland Security Spokesperson Katie Waldman Said Migrants Seeking Entry To The U.s. Are Essentially Allowed In If They Claim To Have “credible Fear” Of Unjustifiable Persecution In Their Countries Of Origin. She Offered Her Remarks On Siriusxm’s Breitbart News Sunday In An Interview With Breitbart News Deputy Political Editor Amanda House.

Waldman said, “I can you tell you with near assurance that if you say the magic words, ‘I’m scared,’ we let you into the country.”

Migrants from Mexico and South America have been coached by left-wing lawyers on how to best obtain entry to the U.S. via asylum request.

“We’re seeing asylum claims skyrocket,” said Waldman. “Before 2013, one out of every 100 arriving aliens claimed credible fear, now it’s one out of every ten. Central America isn’t 100 times — ten times — more dangerous or economically unstable than it was five years ago.”

“These people know our immigration laws better than our own members of Congress,” added Waldman. – READ MORE


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