Democrats Attack ‘Traitor’ ‘Rat’ Jeff Van Drew For Leaving Party, Staff Resigns


Democrats began to attack New Jersey Democratic Representative Jeff Van Drew – whose staff has started to resign – on Sunday after reports surfaced over the weekend that Van Drew was leaving the party and joining the Republican Party.

“I think Jeff Van Drew is making a serious mistake. I understand that he feels if he votes against impeachment, he’ll lose in a Democratic primary [and] he could,” Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen (TN) told CNN on Sunday. “But you know he got elected with Democratic votes under a Democratic banner which he ran under for 30 years or so. I think he was a senator and a mayor and a representative and all, and he got Democratic money including Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee money, and to turn and go to be a Republican, it’s kind of strange.”

“I’ve heard of rats jumping off a sinking ship, but very few of them jump onto a sinking ship,” Cohen continued. “The Republicans are in the minority, for his district. Instead of having a congressman who’s in the majority and he gets something done for his district, they’re gonna have a congressman in the minority who can’t get anything done. The lowest thing that there is in the Congress is somebody in the minority side who was a traitor to the majority.” – READ MORE

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