David Letterman: I Don’t Like That ‘Goon’ Trump as President of Our Country (VIDEO)


Appearing recently on NBC’s Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist, former late-night host David Letterman referred to President Donald Trump as a “goon,” and said, “as an American, I don’t like this man as a president of our country.”

Since you left late night, whether or not you miss it, there’s a new president of the United States. You may have noticed. Do you miss being on late night for that fact?” MSNBC’s Willie Geist asked David Letterman.

No. Because, first of all, the people who are in charge now do a really good job of it. And, as I’ve said before, it’s like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. As soon as you’re done, you got to start all over and it would be the same night after night after night after night,” the longtime CBS funnyman responded. – READ MORE

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