Cuomo to struggling unemployed: ‘You want to go to work? Go take a job as an essential worker’ (VIDEO)


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) was asked Wednesday for his response to unemployed New Yorkers protesting against the state’s coronavirus lockdown, and he suggested those who are struggling to pay their bills should “go take a job as an essential worker.”

During a press conference, a reporter told the governor she had spoken to demonstrators outside the venue before the briefing, telling Cuomo, “These are regular people who are not getting a paycheck. Some of them are not getting their unemployment check, and they’re saying that they don’t have time to wait for all of this testing and they need to get back to work in order to feed their families.”

“Their point is, the cure can’t be worse than the illness itself,” the reporter continued, asking Cuomo for his reaction. – READ MORE

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