Court rules against Trump effort to hit ‘sanctuary cities’


A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld a nationwide injunction that blocks the Trump administration from putting certain conditions on federal grant funding to force so-called sanctuary cities to comply with immigration enforcement efforts.

A three-judge panel on the Chicago-based 7th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed Chicago is likely to succeed in its challenge to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ mandate that only cities that allow federal immigration officials access to detention facilities and provide 48-hour notice before they release an undocumented immigrant will receive crime-fighting funds.

The court’s decision Thursday affirms a district court’s decision to put those conditions on hold nationwide.

But one member of the bench, Judge Daniel Manion, dissented in part from the court’s decision. He said the injunction should be limited to Chicago.

“An injunction, particularly a preliminary injunction, is an extreme remedy,” he said. “A nationwide preliminary injunction is more extreme still. One should only be issued where it is absolutely necessary, and it is far from absolutely necessary here.” – READ MORE

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