Conway Slams Complaint as ‘More Blowhard Than Whistleblower,’ Explains What’s ‘Not’ in the Transcript


Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway is blasting the complaint by a whistleblower as “more blowhard than whistleblower” in regards to the president.

“This whistle-blower complaint is really more blowhard than whistleblower in my view,” Conway said, adding, “Because it was referred to the OLC [Office of Legal Counsel] which said this is a routine diplomatic phone call between President Trump and the Ukrainian president, it was not an intelligence activity.”

The president’s advisor went on to share “what’s not in that transcript”:

“No mention of the 2020 presidential race. No mention of aid to Ukraine. No mention of Joe Biden as somewhere a political opponent. Give me a break. We don’t need Ukraine to help beat Joe Biden or any of the rest of them — anymore than we need Russia to beat Hillary Clinton. These candidates are a disaster on their own. They self immolate. But I saw people lying today, including Intel Chairman Adam Schiff, began with this contrived fantasy conversation that he imagined between President Trump [and the Ukrainian president].”

Conway later knocked 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Biden as “so out of touch” and called his policies “so out of the mainstream.” She added that Trump “never once says, ‘Help me with Joe Biden because I’m worried about running against him for president.’” – READ MORE

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