Colorado man visiting Dominican Republic dies, relatives say their questions to authorities going unanswered


The family of a Denver man who was visiting the Dominican Republic with his daughter says he has died in a local hospital after he became critically ill this week.

Khalid Adkins, who was staying in Punta Cana, tried to return home Tuesday, relatives told Fox News, but the crew on the flight removed him after seeing how ill he was. A Denver NBC affiliate, 9 News, reported that the daughter with whom he was vacationing said he started complaining about feeling unwell on Sunday, and got progressively worse.

“We found out this morning that he passed away last night! I’m at a loss for words, we have no explanation of what happened, all they will say is he got sick,” the family wrote Wednesday on a GoFundMe page they set up to raise funds to rush his body’s return to the United States.

The U.S. State Department confirmed Adkins’ death to Fox News Thursday.Video

Many details were unclear Thursday morning, including whether the father, who was 46, and daughter, Mia, had stayed at any of the resorts where others U.S. tourists were when they died or got very ill and died shortly after. – read more

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