Classic Monopoly game is about to get a ‘woke’ upgrade: Community Chest cards to be updated with ‘feel-good moments’


For nearly 100 years, American children and adults have enjoyed the classic Monopoly board game. One of the features of the game is the Community Chest, where players draw a card that results in financial rewards or penalties, sends a player to jail, or gets a jailbird out of the clink.


No longer will the 16 cards focus on the “school tax” or “bank errors” or “beauty contests.” Just simply going to “directly to jail” is out. And you can apparently forget about that whole advance-to-GO-just-for-the-heck-of-it thing.

The new cards are all about sending a message about the importance of being a “woke” member of your community.

These cards will lecture you on the importance of volunteering, community involvement, not upsetting your neighbors, giving blood, rescuing puppies, shopping local, recycling — and even naming bugs.- READ MORE

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