Chuck Todd Flummoxed By Lack of ‘Strategery’ from Dem Probes of Trump


With his arms flying around the screen, self-proclaimed politics referee Chuck Todd seemed more like an armchair quarterback shouting plays at the TV during Tuesday’s MTP Daily on MSNBC. Todd was literally up in arms over the apparent utter lack of strategy and prioritization from Congressional Democrats looking to get rid of Trump.

If it is Tuesday, where is the Democratic Party’s strategery,” he huffed as he began his show.

The cause of his frustration was the fact that Democrats cast a wide net on their fishing expedition, while the White House had thwarted them at every turn and no yardage had been gained.

As a sign of how rough things had gotten, Todd reported that, “rank and file Democrats in the House are urging a second look at impeachment.” “At some point as leader of the Congressional Democrats, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi going to set some parameters as to when are they going to draw the line and where do lines get drawn,” he demanded to know. – READ MORE

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