Christian university responds to students who voted for the school to ban Chick-fil-A: Get over it


Trinity University will not be removing Chick-fil-A from its campus dining hall despite students rallying for the Texas school to drop the company, according to Campus Reform.

The school’s student government previously voted unanimously to remove the restaurant from school property because students felt that the restaurant’s traditional Christian values was a “drastic assault on students.”

Tess Coody-Anders, the school’s vice president for strategic communications and marketing, sent an email to students notifying them that their vote effectively means nothing.

The student resolution read, “Trinity’s values of diversity and inclusion and Chick-fil-a’s values regarding the LGBT+ community are mutually exclusive.”

“We do not make vendor decisions based on their political or religious beliefs,” the message read in part. The communication added that the school considers “utilization, variety of options, vendor performance, and campus-wide feedback” when selecting vendor offerings on the school’s San Antonio campus. – READ MORE

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